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Sludge to Energy: A Forgotten Renewable?

"Renewable energy" typically conjures up images of rooftops decked out in solar panels or wind turbines twirling on a hillside. But there are also less “picturesque” forms of clean energy— including sludge, a byproduct of wastewater treatment. Did you know that an increasing number of U.S. cities are turning sewage into renewable low-carbon electricity? Maybe "poo power" has a future in China, too.

In this episode, we interview Jennifer Turner, director of the Wilson Center's China Environment Forum and manager of the Global Choke Point Initiative, as she relays stories of a "forgotten renewable" and how new applications such as wastewater sludge to energy may transform city systems in the USA and China. Jennifer also explains why we should pay more attention to the art of storytelling.

Find out more about the China Environment Forum on their website.

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