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余元 (Carrie) 是一位在北京创业的武汉女孩。她酷爱户外活动,崇尚极简主义。在践行极简生活方式的旅程中,她认识到了零浪费(zero waste)的生活方式,并创办了自己的社会企业The Bulk House/好思。在北京,余元主办了大大小小的工作坊和分享活动来倡导零浪费的生活方式,如果您对她的活动感兴趣,请关注“ TheBulkHouse好思出品”公众号。

The booming e-commerce is great news for China, but less so when it comes to the impact of waste packaging on the environment. In today’s environment China, our guest speaker Carrie will share the experience of her “old fashioned” lifestyle without any online shopping or food delivery.

Carrie Yu (余元) is the founder of The Bulk House, a brand dedicated to making “zero waste” convenient for everyone through content, events and providing environmentally friendly products. Her minimalism life style was triggered after being fed up of seeing piles of trash dotted around the streets of Beijing. Carrie hosts various workshops and sharing events in Beijing to promote zero waste lifestyle. If you are interested in learning more about Carrie’s events, please subscribe to her wechat channel “TheBulkHouse好思出品”.

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