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Live! From the Bookworm! The Biggest Stories from 2017

Since Environment China launched in early 2017, there has already been significant change in China’s energy, environment, and climate landscape. In this episode, recorded as a live panel as part of the Bookworm International Literary Festival, we focus on the idea of “transformation,” and have our three guests walk through the backstories behind the China’s biggest environmental and climate headlines, including the latest from China's environmental governance reshuffling, its war on air pollution and with it the growing pains of switching from coal to gas heating, and the evolving debate over when China will be able to peak its carbon emissions.

Joining us is Sophie Lu, Head of China Research at Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Huw Slater, Project and Research Manager at China Carbon Forum, and Dr. Xu Shengnian, Project Officer of the Climate and Energy Team at Global Environmental Institute.

Please note: as this was our first time doing a live podcast recording, there were some slight technical issues with the sound quality that we were unable to fix. Apologies, and thank you for your understanding!

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