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"Renewable energy" typically conjures up images of rooftops decked out in solar panels or wind turbines twirling on a hillside.  But there are also less “picturesque” forms of clean energy— including sludge, a byproduct of wastewater treatment. Did y...

Local pollution, climate change, and increasing demand all pose significant strains on the availability of clean and reliable water supplies for China's homes, farms, and industries. And all of this translates to real financial risks for companies an...

Tune in to learn about Environment China, a brand-new podcast from the Beijing Energy Network (BEN). We hope you'll join us in listening to our first series of podcasts as we chat with advocates, entrepreneurs, and experts in the environmental field...

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Environment China is a bilingual podcast from the Beijing Energy Network.

The Beijing Energy Network provides a hub for professionals in the energy and environmental sectors across China.