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环保和记者是天然的盟友。环境记者这个行当在中国存在的时间还不是特别久,近年来,在越来越多的记者的见证和记录下,环境问题的曝光率和关注度越来越高。今天的环境中国播客,让我们来听听环境记者的故事。在中国做环境记者是一种什么样的体验呢?石毅是澎湃新闻的一名记者。她从2014年开始关注环境议题,报道涉及生物多样性保护、气候变化、野生物犯罪调查等。她对新疆卡拉麦里违规调减保护区面积的报道推动了保护区的整改;过去2年,她关注中国人和中国企业在非洲投资所引起的环境问题,报道了中国人在纳米比亚涉及象牙贸易,在刚果金涉嫌非法伐木。 2016年,她获得中外对话年度最佳环境记者奖。

In recent years, more and more environmental issues were exposed to the public through the documentation by environmental journalist, a profession that’s relatively new in China. In today’s Environment China Podcast, let’s hear the stories from a Chinese environmental journalist. Shi Yi works for 澎湃新闻 ( Since 2014, she broke the news on topics such as biodiversity, climate change, wild animal poaching, etc. Her investigation has pushed forward the protection of Xinjiang Kalamaili Mountain Ungulate Nature Reserve, which won her the 2016 Best Environmental Journalist Award by China Dialogue. In the last 2 years, she has also investigated the environmental issues caused by Chinese and Chinese enterprises in Africa, such as ivory trade in Namibia and illegal lumbering in Congo.

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