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A Slice of Sustainability: China's first F&B B Corp

Jade Gray set out with a mission to create the “Patagonia of Pizza.” Originally from New Zealand, today’s guest has pioneered sustainable entrepreneurship in Beijing over the past two decades. He is the co-founder of Gung Ho! Ventures, which includes the Gung Ho! Pizza restaurants in Beijing. To become the “Patagonia of Pizza,” Jade’s company has turned their operations inside out looking for ways to achieve holistic sustainability from using upcycled construction materials to cutting power use.

In recent years, the company became the third “B Corp” in China. “B Corp” is a designation awarded to businesses that demonstrate excellence in their environmental, community, labor, and governance practices. We talked with Jade about how he has managed to take on sustainability in his relatively small company and how the ideas his company espouses are beginning to take root more widely in China.

You can find Gung Ho! Pizza’s B Corp evaluation here.

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