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Nature Conservation: There's an App for That

Many people associate "nature conservation" and "China" with images of giant pandas leisurely munching bamboo or evasive snow leopards roaming the Tibetan Plateau. But to Shanshui Conservation Center, equally important is the concept of "eco-equality," which considers the role the local communities that coexist with wildlife.

In this episode, we chat with Irene Xiangying Shi about Shanshui's efforts to involve citizens in nature conservation efforts in China, most recently through Shanshui's citizen science website and app, Nature Watch (自然观察). Listen to how Shanshui is engaging with the public and leveraging existing networks, such as bird watching communities, to collect much-needed data that will contribute to future conservation efforts and help advocate for stronger conservation policies. To download the app, you can check out the Nature Watch website, and also learn more about Shanshui Conservation Center on their website or through their WeChat account (SSbaohu).

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