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Green [Soy]Beans

China is the world's largest importer of soy, with more of that soy coming from Brazil than any other country in the world. But what does the journey of a soybean look like? And what is the environmental impact of this massive trade? Luckily, more is being done to transform soybeans into "green beans" than you might realize -- and China is playing a key role in these efforts.

Join us as we interview Isabel Nepstad, programme manager at Solidaridad, a Dutch NGO that promotes sustainable production and consumption of the world's commodities. Isabel's previous experiences working with environmental NGOs in both Brazil and China inform her current work advocating for China to green its massive share of the world's trade in soy and other commodities. You can learn more about Isabel's and Solidaridad's work by checking out the Sustainable Soy Trade Platform and Solidaridad's website or by following Solidaridad's public WeChat account (search "禾众可持续发展中心").

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