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Bonn Voyage, Part 1: Voices of COP23

BONUS Episode from Environment China!

How many cops does it take to screw in a climate lightbulb? At least 23? This last week, Bonn, Germany, hosted the 23rd "Conference of the Parties" (COP23) -- the latest iteration of the UN climate negotiations that have dragged on since the early 1990s.

Over two weeks, as national delegations from around the world try to hammer down the technical details of the Paris Agreement, tens of thousands of people -- researchers, activists, politicians, journalists, celebrities -- flock to Bonn to take part in the biggest climate event of the year.

But what exactly is all this COP fuss about? In this COP miniseries, we'll be taking a dive into the weeds of the negotiations and the role of China on the international climate stage. But first, we're taking you behind the scenes at the UN climate talks, to hear a cross-section of voices, some young, some old, calling for urgent climate action.

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