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Bonn Voyage, Part 2: Inside COP Negotiations

Episode 2 of 3 of our miniseries on COP23 in Bonn, Germany. Our Chinese-language episodes will be returning in the following week.

Maybe you’ve heard of the Paris Agreement, the Kyoto Protocol, or even the ignominious Copenhagen summit. But only the most selfless, committed among us stay tuned-in to the UN climate negotiations through the thrice-a-year intersessional meetings.

During the final days of COP23 in Bonn, Germany, we chat with Li Shuo, an international climate negotiation expert at Greenpeace East Asia, to hear about the inglorious work of parsing through the fine print of UN negotiation text. Li Shuo explains the state of the UN climate negotiations in the post-Paris Agreement, post-Trump era, and describes the full-body, pound-shedding, caffeine-fueled commitment needed to engage in UN climate advocacy, running from meeting to meeting.

One last note: we had a hard time finding a quiet place to record at the COP23 conference; apologies to our audience for the technical difficulties and "ghost-like" sounds in this episode.

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