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Healthy Diet, Healthy Planet

Through her work on the project, she realized that what we put on our plate is key to solving climate change – adopting plant-based diets ranks as Drawdown’s #4 solution and eight of the top 20 solutions are food-related. As we previously discussed on our Green [Soy] Bean episode, beef consumption in China is rising. Peggy set out to address this source of emissions by launching Food Heroes, a JUCCCE program that teaches kids and their families how to eat a diet that is healthy for the body and planet. Food Heroes employs games and characters to make eating this diet fun. A broader lesson from Peggy’s work: sometimes the best solutions to climate change are not packaged as such climate solutions per se. Peggy has found that health benefits are strong motivators for families to adopt a meat-free diet in China. If emissions drop because families want to eat healthier, that’s a win-win according to Food Heroes. For more about Food Heroes, JUCCCE, and Peggy Liu, you can explore their website here.

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