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We all have a right to work and live in a healthy environment. When pollution impedes this right, legal measures can be taken on behalf of victims. What happens to those who do not know their legal rights? How do victims that are not aware of environmental rights advocate for pollution compensation?

Our guest on Environment China today is Professor Wang Canfa, a veteran environment law expert who is a vehement advocate of spreading legal knowledge to all members of society. In 1998, he established the first grassroots environmental NGO, China Legal Assistance to Pollution Victims, to provide legal help to pollution victims and opened a telephone hotline to serve as many people as possible. So far, he and his organization have successfully helped victims to file over 700 law suits on pollution cases. Professor Wang Canfa is devoted to improving public awareness on environmental rights and dedicated to providing safeguards to victims of pollution. Please visit to find out more about China Legal Assistance to Pollution Victims.

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